September 29th, 2011


In which I talk about flatulence a bit

Bloody hell, someone put my post from yesterday on Reddit.

Thus ensued still more people making submissions. Honestly, I've got to say I've never seen quite this big a response from people - everyone I know has made a submission on this, despite only being given 12 hours to do it. Thank you everyone for boosting the signal and rising to the occasion. The #spybill hashtag is starting to catch on. I haven't yet decided whether to participate in the march on Saturday - I suspect I might because it seems the select committee is likely to be sitting through the weekend and therefore a bunch of irate citizens yelling and screaming in the street outside about how we don't like this may actually have some impact. Meanwhile, inside the select committee, it seems only the cops like this bill.

Note: I'm aware that everyone I know is not exactly a parliamentary majority, but if people I know who don't normally make submissions are doing it, then maybe other people will too.

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Please explain to me, oh IT administrators for companies, why it is necessary to dictate to users what they will have as a homepage, and prevent them from changing it to one that's actually useful to them, like, you know, Google?

Why do I ask? Oh, no reason.