September 26th, 2011


The whole world is watching?

I dreamed of the zombie apocalypse. In this apocalypse, our friend (who was actually a doctor and also someone I have never met before) got zombie-fied but discovered that he only wanted to eat brains at night. So by night we'd lock ourselves in a bunker while he tried to break in and eat us, and by day we'd all go around together trying to find a cure for zombism, as he got sadder and sadder because he missed his wife so badly. Then there was a weird interlude where he showed us the amateur porn videos they'd made together.

My mind, welcome to it.

Meanwhile, the police cracked down on the OccupyWallStreet protest over the weekend (well, I guess it's still weekend there), arresting between 60 and 80 people and prompting the media to finally pay some attention. It even made it onto Stuff. Funny how that works. Anyway, here's an article in the Guardian about some of the broader issues around why these protests are springing up - it's a short but interesting read. And here's a blogger in the Middle East comparing the protest with the Arab Spring.

In a complete aside from that, the whole concept of 'cracking down' - I find myself wondering how someone whose first language was not English would interpret that on first hearing it? It's used a lot in the book I'm currently reading, which is a translation from the Chinese. I wonder what the actual Chinese terminology is for this concept.

This weekend we 'did' the kitchen - which means going through the cupboards and getting rid of things we don't need (how does a family of three accumulate 20 dinner plates anyway?) to charity, disposing of any food that's past its use-by date and donating anything still usable that we don't want to the Johnsonville Food Bank. I discovered that pombagira convincing me I really did need those appliances inherited from Mum was a really good thing *hugs polly* and that I don't have a single matching coffee cup or piece of cutlery (except for three Greggs teaspoons o.0).

As seen on the window of the loo at Fidels..

Today I sign the papers at the solicitors for the apartment settlement. Settlement is next Monday. *fidgets*

Worth documenting

Some pics of the stuff that went down yesterday at the #OccupyWallStreet protests. There's also a link to the video of the women being maced while standing in one of the police pens. Watch it and judge for yourself whether it's justified.

(yes that really is two grey-haired older ladies in the arrest line up)

No, these people aren't being shot - do they have to be before people will believe they have a point? These people do not look like privileged white kids to me. Not any more.