September 23rd, 2011


Long as and less coherent than I wanted it to be

OK so apparently the Dow dropped a bunch of points yesterday/today/whateverthefuck the time is over there. Apparently so did everything else (everything that counts, that is - you'll not the NZSE50* isn't on there. I tried to find out what was happening here but could not make head nor tail of the charts).

To be honest, I have no idea what this means. It seems to be happening on a regular basis and I've kind of lost track of what I'm supposed to be afraid of. I'm guessing it can't be good. ;-/ I know it meant our dollar dropped four cents against the US overnight, just at the moment a US company decided to charge my debit card on an order I've had in for over a week, and thus my card was declined. I hate that - it's been a very long time since I got declined for anything - but if that's the worst of the immediate effects I guess I'm thankful? Fucked if I know. I really don't get how the US doing badly makes our dollar drop against theirs. Any Forex experts on here care to explain?

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But there's still part of me that thinks a big bunch of people yelling and screaming is an important part of making people realise they aren't alone. I just wish us Westerners didn't have this ingrained neoliberal aversion to solidarity.

Apparently something happened on Facebook that people aren't happy about. I'm kind of glad I'm not involved in any of that stuff. Same goes for Google+ - I actually think my life is better for using neither of these networks. I feel less angsty and have less online arguments, and once I got over the "I might be missing something" feeling, I haven't missed them. Hmm..

* When did it become 50? All my life it's been NZSE40. Is this some method of making us think we have growth?
** Yes, I know there's no such thing. I also know that some of the things listed won't be accessible to some people. If you know of things that are accessible to those people, please add them rather than tearing down my list as some kind of privilege-fest.

And because this has been a thinky week for me..

Positive things:

Since I stopped smoking I'm drinking less coffee and more water. The flow on from this is that I wake up feeling awake.

It's spring! And daylight in the mornings! And sunny n shit.

I had a long and rambling conversation with Dr Wheel on Skype last night. He'll be home by Christmas. Christmas! That's like, soon! <3

I can now do three countem three things with the sticky balls. It has a name! It's called body rolling, and now I know what it's called I can find tutorials online!

*happy tats is happy*