September 22nd, 2011


Haters gonna hate - in which I object to some of the arguments against #OccupyWallStreet

Warning up front - this might get long.

Dunno if you've heard but there are some people attempting to occupy Wall Street in New York. There are a few hundred of them and they've been there since Saturday. What they are protesting is broadly the corruption of the system, and more specifically the complete lack of punishment for the instigators of the US financial meltdown, followed by a taxpayer-funded bailout for the same organisations that created it. They intend to stay there until this is acknowledged and actioned by the US government.

You may not have seen much in the news about it. That's because there hasn't been much in the news about it. There has been a little - CNN posted an article on Saturday, Channel 2 news managed to repeat the article yesterday, Al Jazeera has links to various streams of information. But realistically, there hasn't been a lot of news about it and if you weren't actively looking for it, many people wouldn't know it was happening.

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So tell me again why the privileged middle class white scruffy kids in Wall Street are doing a bad thing and should be derided for it? And tell me again why those of us who support protesting the corruption and bullshit that's been coming out of the US and how it's affected the rest of the world should shut up because people are being shot in Syria? And tell me again why it's ok for the police to arrest people for wearing a mask on the back of their head.

Because I'm sure we all agree that people in first world countries have nothing to complain about and therefore we should just ignore their protest or suppress it or frame them negatively so we can be ok with not doing anything about it, right?

Oh wait.

And yeah, five days later they are still there. How long do they have to stay before their protest becomes valid? I'm gonna leave you with this from the Guardian - Why 'Occupy Wall Street' Makes Sense.

[edit] Was gonna make a new post for this but in light of the Troy Davis killing, I'm keeping this update down here out of respect:

Olbermann Calls Out MSM For "Media Blackout" Of Wall Street Occupation