September 21st, 2011


You like the bass? It's... filtered.

This morning I went to the hospital for Ear Appointment Number Three. So I've now seen an audiologist, a specialist and the same specialist again (to shift my consultations from private to public I have to do this). I had yet another hearing test which confirmed that yes, the hearing in my left ear is indeed crap. I'm now on the list to be scheduled for an MRI*, after which I will know if I have an absorbed twin on my cochlea or a tumour on my audial nerve. If it's a tumour I shall call him George and if it's a twin I shall call him Squishy. But there's a 90% chance the answer will be "Fucked if we know" because this is how hearing things work. ;-/

* For those following along in the US, non-urgent MRIs have a waiting list of about 6 months. I'm ok with this - I'm making room for people like my Mum who really need them and if I wanted one sooner I could pay and get one straight away. I'm out of pocket just over $200 for the audiologist and specialist visits which I won't get back because I'm not insured. From here on it's free. If I need surgery, that's free. If I need a hearing aid I will have to buy it because I'm not deaf enough for it to be considered a disability. They cost from $1200.

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Gosh, off on a tangent we go! Anyway, I don't know how long it takes to cement a habit, but three days in I'm feeling pretty motivated. And the nut thing did help, especially when I found lightly-salted cashews (instead of OMG have some cashews with your salt like they mostly are) to keep on my desk and munch with my lunch.

Next step in the Transformation of Tats - start skating again.