September 19th, 2011


Coming clean

This weekend I successfully freecycled a bunch of stuff, packed up everything except the kitchen, took some things to a charity shop, sorted the Important Bits Of Paper, and thanks to TreatMe finally coming up with something I want, booked commercial cleaners to do the inside and outside of the house including windows for our end-of-tenancy clean. This has almost entirely removed the stress from moving for me and I'm feeling rather pleased - I have done that thing where you spend one day moving and the next day cleaning often enough so I just don't want to any more. And I HATE cleaning windows.*

I also downloaded a bunch of music - this ends up happening every time I listen to Digitally Imported. This time it was Androcell - just can't get enough ambient psy right now. Hmm. As it turns out it's good for playing with sticky balls to as well. In the last two days I've spent probably three hours playing with the sticky balls. They aren't very heavy but my arms ache just the same - I am getting the hang of them now though. Sometimes it helps to be a little bit obsessive, eh?

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I was going to go on a big rant about sex education in schools today, but instead I'll just ask - d'you think the person who said "They have to go in hard" really thought about it before they spoke?

Also, the final word on Oxford commas. Lalala..

* Bonus thing - my new apartment doesn't have vast amounts of windows! Yay!
** Which is why I don't have pictures of horses on my walls - I'd find the one thing that wasn't proportionally or perspectively perfect and it'd niggle at me till I hated the whole picture.