September 18th, 2011


K then

So kanna tastes like superconcentrated cough medicine, mostly because I think brandy has been used as the base. Anyway, it's foul, in that way that makes you screw up your face and wonder if you're going to chuck your cookies.

1g at T+2 was a very mellow, slightly uplifted and relaxed feeling of 'all is well with the world', with no other discernible effects. At T+3 I took another 0.5g since I was feeling fine and knew the rec dose can go up to 2g before you're likely to experience unpleasant nausea or side effects.

I started to feel quite euphoric and would have enjoyed dancing. Touch felt nice and there was a slight visual distortion, nothing that prevented me from being able to read - in fact my head felt remarkably clear. For comparison, it was kind of like a mild MDMA without the rolling or fuzzyheadedness, or (again mild) 2C-B without the visual distortion.

I kind of liked having the uplifted feeling without feeling shitfaced. I can see why it's known as bushman's E, and why the person who gave it to me was going around the dancefloor with it at 2am in the morning! ;-)

This stuff is legal and I think it should stay that way - I can't imagine how it could be dangerous since taking enough to get more than mildly euphoric would make you quite vomity so it'd be pointless.

My next experiment with kanna will be in a different setting - perhaps a dance party. My setting was just at home of an evening and while it was pleasant and relaxing, I think this has more potential than that. I'm told it was used by the Khoikhoi people for staying focused on long hunting expeditions and it's reputed to give an energy lift and then help with relaxation and sleep as it wears off, and I'd like to find that energy.

Instead I went to bed and played with the sticky balls that Happy and tieke gave me.

Today I feel fine. Yesterday I priced out a new bed for the Youth of Today and a new mattress for me, and together they totalled $3000. So instead I went to TradeMe and scored the two items for $430. Now I'm trying to coordinate pickup today and am frustrated by the fact that other people don't answer their email instantly. In last night's state I organised today's activities so I could fit in a trip to the dump (which would make our packing much easier by creating storage space), but it requires other people to play the game. So instead I'm sitting here drinking coffee and playing on the internet and fidgeting.

Maybe time to go play with the sticky balls some more.