September 16th, 2011


In which I do my bit for public health

I extracted information from data!

Shut up, this is a thrill for me. I mean, I've done it before but this is the first time I've worked with so much of it. Anyway, turns out that of the 433 posters sampled, 128 stated their location. Others left clues in language, spelling and references, but I only picked the ones that explicitly said "I am in..." Of those 128, 84 were in the US. This isn't really surprising, however overall 23 countries were represented. Here they are, in order of representation level:

United States, England, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Spain, Greece, Australia, Armenia, Mexico, Italy, Romania, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, Portugal, Morocco, France, Russia, Asia (unspecified), Ireland.

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One thing they have in NZ that I reckon is a major factor in the success of the programme is the notifications. It's so long between tests that I always forget when I'm due - and now I don't have to remember because the programme notifies me and off I go. It's awesome.

I'm curious - what kind of cervical programmes exist in other countries? I'm particularly curious about the US because I know your guys' healthcare system is almost the polar opposite of ours, but I'd really just like to know about wherever you live.

Also, it seems that the same kind of programme for prostate cancer screening will not be implemented here, so guys - I suggest you talk to your doctor about this next time you're in there. Finger-up-the-bum can't be any worse than speculum-to-the-bits. SRSLY.