September 13th, 2011


In defence of hippies and ravers

This morning at the train station, someone decided to help us all relax by deploying smooth jazz. Truefax.

Also, I think I have it. The 203 replies I already have are from the first week of the forum's existence. If I extract the same week (14th to 20th) of each month since then, I should get close enough to a random sample so the 'first weekness' of the dataset I already have isn't too much of an issue. Meanwhile this morning I read an article on the re-integration of emotion into social movement theory as a relevant motivator, even if emotion is rationally constructed as part of culture (at least, secondary emotions such as compassion and shame). To which I go "Yay! That explains pole dancing lady!" So does moral shock theory.

I think I have an essay. Also yay. And I'm looking at some free software for qualitative data sorting. I'm not convinced it'll be able to do what I want it to yet, but I'm willing to give it a go so I can handle more data in less time. Anyone here used this kind of software? How good is it? Can it detect the kind of statements I'm after? Can it make a distinction between "I want" - goal-oriented type statements - and "I am" - identity oriented ones - even if the statements don't contain those specific words (ie can it surmise), or do I have to program every possible iteration of the statements in order for them to be detected?

And yes, all this happened while listening to smooth jazz.

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* This summer I'm signed into a block course on climate change science. It's a filler to help me finish my degree faster but I'm also interested. Thing is, it runs for three weeks and Kiwiburn week is in the second week of it. I still want to make it for the weekend, but I won't be there for the whole thing. This is suboptimal. Illuminati should invent a teleport machine for me mmk?