September 12th, 2011


In which I realise I'm not a survivalist

This weekend I was Productive. This included:

Sorting out the firewood stack and cleaning around the area, giving away all the bits that are too big for us to burn; sorting the shed into Things To Keep (yay snowboard!), things to dump, and things to go to other Illuminati for storage. Turns out most of the stuff in the shed was Kiwiburn stuff being stored on behalf, and now it's someone else's turn. All my shearing gear is now in one toolbox (except the grinder plates which I'm hoping to leave with the grinder next time I grind).

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We got to the end of Game of Thrones. Moar plz. Also, in case those of you not in New Zealand are wondering, so far I have yet to find any indication that this show will be aired on TV here. Until it's aired on TV, it's unlikely it'll be available for us to buy on DVD/Blu-Ray, and Netflix is not available here.

Dear fucking stupid broadcasting/copyright protection people/MPAA/whoever the fuck else makes decisions about such things: How the fuck do you expect kiwis to obey your fucking backwards laws when your even more backwards business models make it impossible for us to access media legally and actually pay for it? This page has a list of countries where the show will be broadcast. It includes Slovenia, Montenegro, and Bangladesh - but not New Zealand. Meanwhile, Season 5 of Supernatural only just became available to buy here. And you wonder why people pirate? Fuck you.

Gosh, that was vitriolic. Check me out with my first world problems!

K so

Data analysis folks - n00b question.

There's this forum, see. It has 79,621 registered users.

On the forum, a question is asked. Approximately 1216 people answer the question (32 pages @ ~38 posts/page).

How many answers would I need to analyse for the analysis to be useful?

Currently I have 203 (this covers one week of the 12 weeks the forum's existed) and it's taken about 2 hours to get that into an accessible format - I'm painfully aware I'm going to have to code all this manually (sorry geeks, qualitative analysis is like that - unless your sentiment analysis software is shit hot it won't help me much), therefore I'm not keen to retrieve all of the answers unless it's absolutely necessary.

Any suggestions?

PS I don't know whether Chemtrail Guy or "I'm here because they are offering poledancing classes for children" should get the Really Doesn't Get It award.