September 9th, 2011


Where my brain goes when I've had enough sleep

I am enjoying Game of Thrones a lot more now I'm watching them in order. Polly wants me to get her Khal Drogo for her birthday..

However, as the Youth of Today would say, "Needs more dragons". *cough* I get the feeling they'll turn up eventually.

And now I have a completely unrelated question for those in fandom. Y'see, my introduction to the existence of fandom was through slash. From that I learned that people like to write fictional sex stories about the characters in other fictional works, and not only the boys either. But now I'm wondering if this is all fandom's about. I'm thinking cosplay probably comes under fandom as well, and I'm wondering what else might. I mean, are there groups in fandom that just enjoy talking about the actual show/book/movie/whatever? And since slash can involve, well, pretty much anyone, the Really Weird part of me is wondering if people ship politicians. Cos that would be dead funny, but I'm afraid to google from work to find out if it exists.

*cough* I'll be just over here lalala

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Last night I went through my bookshelves and managed to come up with 2 Woolies bags of books that I can bear to part with. Does anyone know if there's a charity that takes books? I don't want money for them but some are quite old (like, may have historic value old) and so I don't want to dump them.

Today, Rugby World Cup fervour* is rife in my office. Everyone's wearing their team colours and there are flags everywhere and people are excited. For those who aren't already aware, today is the first day of a month-long rugby tournament. I've been afraid of how this will affect my beloved city, but so far all that's happened is more people have stopped me to ask for directions** than usual. Phew.

I will be at Fidels tonight. Oh, while I remember, does anyone want about a cubic metre of firewood? It's in chunks too big for our firebox and too knotty to split with an axe. Would suit someone with a log splitter or a chainsaw. Free for the taking.

* This term is probably protected and I'm probably not allowed to use it, so if I don't make it to Fidels it's because I'm in a cell somewhere under the stadium.
** This happens to me a lot. I think my pink hair makes me look approachable.

Never done this before

What, post three times in one day? No, ask other people to pick my topic for me.

Y'see, I have to write another 4000 word essay. The due date is the 27th October and I have to have decided and done enough initial research to do a presentation on the 3rd. The 3rd is the takeover date for my apartment and until then I'm all about moving and won't have a lot of spare time for study, so I basically have to make a decision this weekend.

Poll #1777080 The Great Lack of Responsibilitiy Poll of 2011

What should I write my next essay about?

The state response to the Springbok tour protests, both immediate and ongoing, and what that says about the success or failure of the movement
Why people become Anonymous and identity politics in the WhatIsThePlan forums, and what that says about the potential success or failure of the movement

Both topics give me the chance to cover what I know of the theories. They both cover things I wasn't able to cover in my first topic. They are both topics I could get my teeth into and would find really interesting. The Springbok one will be easy to find material for and I already have an inkling of an argument. The Anonymous one will be a more grounded-theory type approach and would be a lot of work - and I'd have to know my theory inside out to pull it off. My last essay was on Anonymous and while I'm allowed to stay with the topic, I'm used to changing direction for the second essay and feel as if I should.

So instead of to-ing and fro-ing myself, I'm asking you. I'll write about whatever people vote for.