September 8th, 2011


I can't brain today, I has teh dum

Yesterday there was more roof truss talk in Auckland, hence the lack of posting here.

It gave me an opportunity to read the first 1/3 of The Fat Years, which I bought in Hong Kong. I was curious to see what mixed dystopian scifi/social commentary from China would look like. So far it's pretty interesting, although like a few Chinese translations I've read the writing seems stilted and I think that might be due to the different parsing and uses of metaphor/humour in Chinese/English not being all that translatable therefore it literally loses something in the translation.

Also, dear author, please don't tell me you didn't notice the single tear rolling out of your eye into your coffee. If you hadn't noticed, you wouldn't be telling me, mmk?

But yeah, interesting reading.

The rest of this week has been about Anonymous. I just finished polishing the (three fucking page) bibliography, wrestling with Word 2010 over formatting, and printing it out.

Do I get points for handing in an academic essay with a picture of Serious Business Cat in it?

How about including Anonymous and the Church of Scientology in the bibliography?

By the way, I hate it, the same way I hate all essays I've put so much work into. I feel as if the 4000 words only scratches a shallow surface of what I'd like to convey, and that in a stilted and trite way.

So it'll probably get a reasonable mark since the more I hate them the better I seem to do. I hand it in in about half an hour and I'm already thinking about what to do next. Part of me wants to qualitatively pillage the "Why we fight" forum on WhatIsThePlan and use it to talk about identity in social movements. Part of me thinks I should maybe look at something else - something related to my field of expertise. But this stuff is really interesting..


Maybe I should just give myself a couple of days off to celebrate handing in the tome I just finished.