September 5th, 2011


Not being a dick is more effective just saying

OHAI New Zealand I C UR still bloody cold. To be fair, it is a stunning day and it'll probably warm up, but mah breath! Steaming as I walk to the train! Argh!

On Friday I went to a mall. I did this to avoid the cleaner, who'd walked in on me twice while I studied in the nude and had finally given warning she was coming so I could clear out and save us both some embarrassment. This mall was 8 stories and in it I found a total of 4 things that interested me - a book shop, an ice rink, a shop selling crazy-expensive but beautiful glass sculptures of vegetables, and a supermarket. The rest were all clothes, shoes, bags, beauty products, rinse repeat. I have come to the conclusion that I'm not really a shopper. This could also be the reason those deal sites don't really work for me - it's rare they have anything I want. What is the appeal of clothes shopping when there are So.Many.Shops? I don't get it.

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And now, I fire ahead into the moving phase of buying an apartment. I plan to do a little each evening - for me a lot of it will be about getting rid of stuff and sorting out what I actually need/want for my new life vs what should go. Prepare for a free stuff post or two.

Part of me wants to get rid of everything and start fresh but that would be uneconomical and a bit silly.