September 2nd, 2011


I'll be over here, being as subversive as I can

Last night Joel introduced me to The Rap News. It's delightfully subversive if a bit over the top. Here's the one they did on the death of Osama Bin Laden:

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Speaking of the idiots in power, there's this site. It's called RespectCopyrights dot co dot nz. It's all about the new Filesharing Act, and is all rah rah about being a good little kiwi and letting the large entertainment corporations show you reruns of Gypsy Wedding while waiting three years for the next season of Dr Who because we're good little consumers who just take what we're fed, right? It even has ex-AllBlacks telling us to be good little consumers because when an AllBlack says it, we all listen, right?

I would link you to the site so you can go have a laugh learn how to be a good little consumer, but I'm not allowed to link to it under its terms of service, and I'm not allowed to quote it either. So I guess you'll have to find it for yourself. Or, you know, don't bother.

(part of me is hoping it gets hacked because that would be dead funny)

Dear MPAA, please don't sue me for telling people about your site.