September 1st, 2011


Domestic bliss and other tales

Last night Dr Wheel hunted me a mammoth. Well, actually it was a rare breed of mammoth, one consisting of fish rolled in rice and seaweed, and he couldn't tell me whether he'd chased it off a cliff or dropped jeeps on it from a helicopter - but it was food and he brought it and unlike the woolly, ice age variety, this mammoth came with wasabi!

So I made him a sammich. Well actually I washed the 3 dishes we created in the consumption of said WasabiFishMammoth. So now we're even. Also, I got to say "How was your day dear?" in a totally non-facetious way, and feed him lemon/pepper chocolate while making smartarse comments about Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Such is the shape of domestic bliss in the Wheelverse. Hey, don't judge us, we don't get to do this very often!

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A thing appeared in my infostream yesterday that I find intriguing - new ways of disposing of bodies, ways that claim to be more environmentally friendly than burial or cremation. One involves dissolving the body in pressurised hydrogen peroxide at 180 degrees for several hours, then pouring the resulting waste into a standard municipal water system. This is apparently sterile and contains no DNA. Bones and things like surgical implants/dental amalgams are not dissolved and so can be disposed of safely.

The other involves freezing with liquid nitrogen, then vibrating until the body fragments. Implants and amalgams are then removed, and the body dust is then placed in a biodegradable coffin for shallow burial, which is apparently akin to composting.

I'm interested in alternatives to burial or cremation. Both of my parents tried to donate themselves to science, but as luck would have it this option has become so popular that they can't take everyone and they both got turned down. I'm curious to hear what other people think of these options. Would you have yourself liquefied or frozen and shaken apart? What about your Aunt Dora? Why or why not?

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