August 25th, 2011


In which I am alternately terrified and terrifying

Sorry folks, I'm not finding time to comment much but I am reading! It's also weird breaking my 8 year habit of blogging between 9 and 10am. Nothing here starts before 10am (shops open about 10 and stay open till 10pm), so folks don't get up till 9ish, including us. By the time I get around to writing it's usually lunch time and that makes it about 4pm kiwi time and all my US friends are going to bed.

Why do I care? I dunno, except that apparently some folks set their watch by my daily posting. Sorry to mess with your body clock.

Anyway, today's mission was - shopping!

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Seen in a shop: shirt with the words PARIS, LONDON, MILAN, LOWER HUTT, NEW YORK. I would have bought it but it was a hideous batwing affair and ew. Also, I think I offended the shop assistant by laughing at it - how could she possibly know why that was funny? Anyway, when I went back past later the shirt had been removed. Oops.

Also, day 6 of not smoking. I am getting lots of positive reinforcement from Dr Wheel. He does the best kind!