August 24th, 2011


In which I have conversations with corporatey people and sweat a lot

Someone asked for pictures of my new $5 bag. But I'm not really that kind of girl - it's a bag, it has pockets, it's kind of like my festival belt bag (yay polly!) but in bag form and therefore easier to wear in this heat. There's not much else to say about it. But here's a pic of the label:

And I can confirm that it does indeed have bporty accents!

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We were going to go up to The Peak (nobby kind of area with fantastic views of the harbour lights) last night, but it turned out happy hour was actually four hours and so instead we wandered our way home on the MTR. The Peak isn't going anywhere.

Today I will make a start on my essay. Dr Wheel is at work and I'm sitting here in my undies (not matching today, sorry) and thinking about the right wording for the inherent struggle between those in power trying to hide the knowledge from the individuals and how that works (or doesn't) in a democracy.

Write 6000 words. Cut out 2000. Voila, reasonably good essay. That formula works for me, anyway. So I'd better get writing.