August 23rd, 2011


The diary of a lily white southerner in the tropics

Today we discovered that Chinese art history really is all about pottery and calligraphy. At least, in the museum we went to it is. There was a section for modern art and some of that was very cool, but most of the place was dedicated to historic art. It seems that much of Chinese art is about tradition, and the tradition includes calligraphy.

One of the pieces was "A poem on presenting a horse" and it was the messiest one there. I was trying to figure out whether the poetry was about how to present your horse (ie well brushed and wearing mascara) or about what you'd say when you're giving the horse to someone (ie I gift this horse to you, his coat is of burnished gold lalala). Either way it only took up a couple of quite scrawly looking lines so clearly there's not a lot to say about horses.

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I'm having an interesting time getting my head around the temperature. Everywhere is air conditioned so it's about 18 to 20 degrees indoors, and outside it's about 30. But it's overcast a fair bit and to me, I can't convince myself it'll be warm out - I'm still carrying a jacket just in case even though I haven't worn it and get hit in the face with the heat as soon as I step outside.

And today it rained. The drops were about the size of 50c pieces and it was coming straight down in buckets. The pavement and road were very quickly ankle deep and I found out I'm about the right height to get poked in the eye with other people's brollies. There is something very sexy about warm rain - again I'm amazed at getting soaked to the skin and still being warm.

Not complaining though.

How to buy a bag in Hong Kong

Decide you need a smaller bag since you don't need to carry 5 extra layers of clothing and some gloves everywhere you go.

Go downstairs to the Ladies' Market.

Spot a bag stall 10 paces outside the door.

Look at the bags, find one you like, give money to the man who has materialised while you were looking at the bags.

Total cost just under $5NZ. Total time taken, ~1 minute. Wonder what to do with the rest of the hour you put aside for this task. Look at weird fruit instead.

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I am excite.

Also, I haven't had a cigarette for four days.