August 22nd, 2011


In which I try out XBox, do a meme and *censored*

It's a meme thing! Yoinked from 38. Comment saying something of great social and political import, and I'll pick five of your icons. Then you make a post talking about them and we all get entertained. Voila!

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Joel has the next 2 days off so we're gonna go absorb some culture. We couldn't do much of this last time because he had to work. Once he's back at work I'll be getting all academicky on it and writing furiously about Anonymous in air conditioned comfort, but for today we're going to museums of art and history. We decided to flag the science one because it appeared to be the museum of Pop Science for Kids and we figured we might get a little frustrated with that. So, aht, dahling. I'll let you know if I turn into a wanker by the end of the day.

I'm waking up about an hour ahead of Joel each day, and spending it looking and gently touching, reassuring myself that this is in fact real and I'm not dreaming. I'm not. ;-)