August 18th, 2011


Daniel Radcliffe, Portal 2 and capsicums, together at last

Dear internet, why is it that whenever I click on an embedded YouTube video (or one on the site for that matter), the default starting volume is FULL BORE? It never used to be like that, and I'm pretty sure it started when I started having to use 'old embed code' to embed videos here. Did they change something? Can I fix this so I don't get my eardrums shattered every time I try to watch something? Help meeee...

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This 800% markup business, I reckon is related to the GST rises. As expected, lots of businesses put their prices up more than the 2.5% that GST was raised, and supermarkets can get away with it because they specialise in selling you lots of items that each have a low unit price, so you don't notice till you're at the checkout. My local supermarket put icecream up by $1.00 a tub across the board the other day. Bread is now ~$5.00 a loaf if you want it to have actual nutrition. My total grocery bill for the same (more or less) fortnightly shop has gone from $150 to $250 in the last 9 months - and I'm a thrifty shopper.

Not all of that can be blamed on GST - there are economic factors at work here that I don't really understand. But the price of everything is going up and wages are not keeping pace. Someone is making a lot of money from this. Maybe it's those folks who got the biggest tax cuts?

I am tired of paying for someone else's flash lifestyle just because I want to eat healthy. And I'm one of the lucky ones - I can still afford to buy capsicums.

But I'm not going to.