August 17th, 2011


Oh my bouncing breasts, how handsome you are!

Yesterday afternoon I went home early because of a heavy snow warning in the hill suburbs. Imagine my disappointment when we got one half-hearted hour of slushy snow, followed by sleet, followed by hail, followed by a return to normal programming - in Wellington that means horizontal freezing rain blasted in on a 60km/hr southerly. This morning all the snow was gone.

On the upside, I suspect the airport disturbances will stop and my headlong hurtle into 30 degrees+ will go ahead as planned. Yay!

And since it was an 'inside by the fire' kind of night and I'd just handed in my presentation on Anonymous* for Thursday, I took the opportunity to finish my second playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins. And then I woke up this morning and spotted a link to this: an interesting article in Filament about women (or the lack of them) in the videogame production industry.

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Just for fun, here's a link to a place where the 'only men are gamers' trope is taken to the extreme - a Battlefield 3 launch LAN party in Texas where women are banned because the organisers don't want anyone made uncomfortable by misogyny. *cough*

Since this shouldn't just be me rambling about gaming and my experience as a woman, I'd like to hear from you gamers out there - male and female gamers alike. Since I just finished my second playthrough of DA:O, I'm looking for a new game to get hooked on. The Youth of Today says DA2, Happy and tieke say Portal 2. What do YOU say? And, why do you like it? What is it about that particular game that hooked you, and do you think it'll make me foam at the mouth if I play it?

Older games ok for recommending too.

* Not the actual essay, a presentation that demonstrates what the essay will be about, with notes, to get peer feedback. I'm hoping for feedback that'll help focus down the topic to something I can really chew on in 4000 words.