August 16th, 2011


More snow forecast for later

Today I am wearing a unitard. At work. With socks that come up over my knees, a big woolly jersey and the hood off my sheepskin jacket. There are other clothes, but they are incidental to my efficient closing of all the potential gaps. Life may be interesting come toilet time, but right now I'm toasty.

Last night the snow turned to sleet in the middle of a giant thunderstorm, and then the slush on the ground froze to ice. Walking around outside was treacherous this morning. I contemplated my snowboard boots for walking down the hill to the train but they're designed for snow, not ice, and aren't any grippier than anything else I own. So I pfaffed about for a bit until some rich people with usually-pointless 4-wheel drives went past and broke up the ice on the road, then brought my car in. Turns out that below the level of Ngaio, there's nothing untoward on the ground. Meanwhile, our lawn and roof and the bonnet of my car are all covered in snow. Yep, the pile on the bonnet was still attached when I got into town.

It's supposed to last until Thursday. At which point I will have two more sleeps and then I'll be heading into 30 degrees plus in Hong Kong. It has added Dr Wheel. I might be a little excited by hotness with extra hotness on top, although packing for 30 degrees when it's in the minuses and snowing is proving interesting. Of course I'll need my shell jacket and snowboard pants, right?

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Argh. Just argh.

I have a teenage son. He's 16. If he sticks with school he'll finish when he's 17. He'll then have the option of going to uni or getting a job. Normally I'd suggest he get a job, because I think he'll get more from uni in a few years' time and he's still not sure what he wants to do. I dislike the setup where young people start their career with a debt of tens of thousands of dollars and leaving it for later helps with that too. Also, he won't be eligible for student support because of my income - which counts until he's 25, more or less forcing me to support him till then. Uni is not a good economic choice - yet, I can't see there being a whole lot of starter jobs out there by the time he finishes school either. So the above really bothers me in a very personal way.

Fuck National and their shortsighted, arse backwards policies. Please vote them out, they have no clue.