August 10th, 2011


Auckland. Again

Hi, today I have to fly to Auckland to talk with a group of people about the nitty-gritties of roof truss detailing. If we were talking about actual roof assembly, I'd suggest it was going to be riveting (hur) but since we're not, chances are it won't be.

Anyway, last night browsing around, I stumbled across my videos from Top Secret Dance Off. The idea was to disguise oneself and make short videos dancing to a theme. The most fun one to do was dancing on a street crossing, but there were a heap of them and it was .. well, go have a look.

I really do have no shame.

Anyway, the site hasn't been active for a while (quite slow loading when I tested the link) and I wouldn't mind doing something like that again. Wondering what a good theme would be to get folks inspired to kick it off...

If that link won't load for you, here's the link to the home page. See if you can spot me in the trailer video. Mwuahaha.