August 8th, 2011


Hypergamy - it's for breakfast!

I did that thing again. That thing where I was innocently reading the internet, and came across an article containing the statement "Women are hypergamous, thus... " And instead of putting my grownup pants on, shrugging at the silliness of some people and moving on, I left a comment:

[citation needed]

And the writer of the article kindly gave me one. This one. Please tell me, oh internets, if I were to hand something like this in as an academic essay, would it be accepted? I had a look at the reference list at the bottom and went "Um.." - maybe I'm turning into a snob, but after reading the tripe opinion-stated-as-fact that makes up most of the *cough*essay*cough* cited, seeing the complete lack of proper referencing and the amount of other opinion pieces that were referred to made me go "Wot a load of bollocks." So I left another comment:

Peer reviewed, academic citation please, not just opinion.

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tl;dr I had a weak moment on the internet and engaged with evo-psych True Believers.

And yes, that 'citation' provided actually did state 'men are simpler' as an attempt at an academic argument.