August 4th, 2011


In which I rant on TV instead of just on the internet

Looking back over my typing yesterday it's nowhere near as bad as I thought it'd be. Gosh.

So today I'm again better. Last night by bed time my eyes were very tired - since they've fully corrected one and not-quite corrected the other, I now use different eyes to dominate depending on whether I'm looking distant or close up, and they are finding it hard. It's fun to play with but gives me a bit of a headache and makes me tired. Everything has a slight halo around it - an improvement on the frosted glass - and I'm looking forward to that clearing, but meanwhile, so far so good.

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I have no idea what it was for, where he was from or whether it'll make it to whatever thing he was filming for - but if you're a TV watcher and you see a pink-haired woman who looks like a bogan ranting about privacy for children, let me know because it's probably me. I don't normally get a speaking part on the telly.

Today I will repot some plants, mow the lawn, and maybe read some internet now I'm allowed. But not too much - one good thing, my eyes are telling me when they need to stop doing a thing and rest. It's good. ;-)