August 3rd, 2011



K so I've given birth, broken bones, been tattooed and branded, lain for 6 hours while someone carved a designe into my back with a scalpel, and had a piece of wire ping back, flick under my safety glasses and cut into my eye while fencing. And I've got to say that three hours last night were the most miserable I've ever been made by pain. Not the most pain I've ever felt, but the most unrelenting, helpless-making, don't know whether to open eyes or close them, tears running down your face, light sensitive horribleness I've exterienced.

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Right, I'm gonna go wash my face - the skin feels weird from all the tears that have run down it in the last 12 hours, and my eyelashes are stuck together. Mmm, sexy.

And to those who say "Oi, hou're not supposed to be reading", I'm not reading. I'm typing most of this while staring out of the window. Hence, it's probably riddled with typos which I'm not gonna fix. For today, you get raw Tats, crappy typing and all.