July 27th, 2011


K so

Operation PayPal, hashtag #OpPayPal on Twitter.

Why is this exciting? Well, instead of launching a 'typical' Anonymous attack, this time they are simply encouraging people to close their PayPal accounts. For me, in the middle of writing an essay about Anonymous as a means for politically disenfranchised young people to have power and a voice and their emergence from lulz-based trolling to activism, this is like manna from heaven - OHAI LEGAL PEACEFUL PROTEST OVER HERE! The hashtag is currently generating about 10 new tweets a minute and you can bet your arse I'm screengrabbing like fury. Primary sources FTW.

They're protesting the arrest of 15 participants in Operation Payback, the warrants for which were procured through IP addresses supplied by PayPal to the FBI. The protest is also against PayPal's ongoing blocking of funding to Wikileaks under pressure from the US government.

My inner academic is having multiple orgasms over this. My inner subversive is doing likewise.

I'm not going to tell you to join in, but I closed mine.