July 25th, 2011


Sleet - it's for breakfast!

OK so today MetService says 3.2 degrees, feels like -3 with windchill. Reports from Christchurch say it's been snowing all night down there (this is me hoping those who are in temporary housing have sufficient heating), which is making negotiating the potholey, cracked up roads difficult. Love to you all, stay warm.

Meanwhile, I wore my Mum's woolly hat today - the first time this winter I've needed a hat. The train was weirdly empty as folks opted for the cosy comfort of cars. Walking around the waterfront squinting into the southerly and dodging the flying penguins, I noted that there's no snow on the Orongorongos yet. All signs point to us possibly getting a dumping later. [edit] I'm told it's snowing in Upper Hutt right now.[/edit] I am hoping that if it does this, I'll get home first, since Wellington's public transport system is not geared to deal with snow*. Note left for offspring says "Please light the fire" as last night's residual heat was sufficient to help me out of bed this morning and I'd quite like to maintain that, and be able to thaw myself out when I get home.

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Tomorrow I get my eyes done. At least, I do if they've finished fixing the machine, which broke down last week and was waiting on a part last I heard. I only have a small window of opportunity to get this done and if I can't have it this week or next week, I'm likely to explode. I have my time off booked, my eye drops, my sunnies, my pills of flaxseed and fish oil - I'm as ready as I'll ever be. The Youth of Today has offered to stay around and be my eyes for the first day. Clearly there's no excuse for the machine not to get its shit together and be working for tomorrow. Hmph.

Today I suspect I'll be a bit like Polly was on Friday. Also, in this weather it'd be easy to talk myself into skipping my lecture, eh?

* Normally it's both too windy and too wet for snow. What we get is sleet. It's like snow only sharp and travelling at 50kmph horizontally. Fun times.