July 23rd, 2011



Driving down the road, driving down the road..

What's that sound? I don't like that sound. I don't love that sound. It's definitely NOT the sound of my shoes.

It's the sound of my power steering unit trying to morph into a meat grinder and churn up some bolts. And now my car handles like a '35 Massey Ferguson with no wheel brakes.

This is the first time I've used my AA membership. My phone ran out of battery while sitting on hold to their service, so I walked home (luckily only about 1km), plugged it in and called again. They are, apparently, very busy. Everyone's car waited till it was raining and cold to break down. Anyway, someone's coming to tow it to the nearest service centre sometime soon and I guess I should now be thankful I have me some savings because power steering = expensive.

And I let Jodi down, but on the upside the house is sparkling clean now and the fire is going.

I must be getting grown up or something. I didn't even have a *little* tanty over all this.