July 22nd, 2011


I trust you but I don't trust him. Yeah whatever.

Yes folks, that windchill really is -5. And apparently it's going to stay that way till next Wednesday.

Anyway, this morning Happy linked to this letter on Stuff's agony column. In short, a couple have been married 10 years, the wife has a male friend who has invited her to 'go away' with him to see the rugby. Husband is unimpressed.

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* My comment is obvious, bet you can find Happy's too if you look. It totally wins.

So I guess a question - are the stuff comments indicative of the thinking of mainstream society? Because if they are, I'm off to be a hipster. Sans ugly glasses because LAZORS!

Public Service Announcement

To all those in the Northern Hemisphere currently posting about heat waves..

Wellington temperature right now = 3 degrees, taking into account windchill. That's 37.5 farenheit. MetService says it might snow on Monday.

*ow mah toes*