July 19th, 2011


Help me get my head clear about Anonymous, oh internets!

There was a question that popped up this morning - "What are you reading right now?" This is always a bit loaded for me because of study and its habit of taking over all of my reading time. As you might recall, it took me four months to finish Perdido Street Station, because I was busy getting all depressed about globalisation and ranting periodically about Project Prevention, which left little time for politically-subversive, intensely textured scifi that you have to think about.

BUT! I have just had five weeks of free braintime in which I read, one after the other, the 2000 or so pages of the two currently-available books in the Kingkiller Chronicle, as recommended by crsg.

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Meanwhile, because IR SRS STUDENT, last night I beat the Portal 'least portals' challenge on gold - all maps. Yes, I'm still playing Portal . Because I'm that cutting-edge.