July 12th, 2011


I think the spice of life should be cinnamon

Every winter I have a morning when I wake up at 5:45 in the dark and the cold and I think about getting up and going to work, and there's this weird *flex* that happens in my head as I stare down the barrel of another 25 years of this - and I find myself wondering how the hell we ended up in this artificial situation, doing things that feel unnatural and repetitive, swapping the lion's share of our life for money. Then I get up and get dressed and get on the train and go to work because, what else would I do?

This morning was that morning.

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Yesterday was my first lecture for Social Movements. I have to write 2 x 4000-word essays for this one, each on a social movement of my choice. Things that interest me so far:

The impact of internet communication on the Egypt uprising and state response.
Slutwalk as a grassroots movement in which most of the work/discussion has taken place online.
The Springbok tour, the protests and the impact it had on both domestic and international policy.
The advent of Anonymous.

Also, my lecturer has a well-projected voice and I found myself covering my left ear for most of the lecture because it hurts. It's frustrating because even though it seems ultra-sensitive to certain frequencies, it doesn't actually hear them - just causes me discomfort. I'd like to be able to unplug the cable to my ear and just use the one that works, and stop with the ringing and the vibrating and the "EH WHAT?" and the fucking vertigo. Plz to be developing the technology kthxbye.

Today I started taking the flax seed oil and fish oil and using eye drops in preparation for lasering in 2 weeks' time. I R EXCITE.