July 9th, 2011


(no subject)

I'm hearing a lot about Google+, mostly from folks wondering what it's all about. I have an invite but haven't taken it up yet.

I'm wondering, given the failure of Buzz and Wave, whether it's worth getting Yet Another Social Network Account. I signed up for Diaspora but never used it and then forgot my login details anyway.

I think I've reached saturation point for social networks. I have a blog, I have Twitter, I had a Facebook but deactivated it because it was boring as fuck and not much use for anything I was interested in. I have numerous forum memberships and community links. I have a LinkedIn thingy for professional networking, which I never use because networking isn't really my thing.

So what would I use Google+ for, I wonder? Can I be arsed with it?

And has the world finally reached the point where we don't really need any more social networks online?