July 7th, 2011

going native

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I have a date! Not of the fruit variety or of the fruity variety, but one of the stomp on your glasses and throw them away variety. On the 26th of July I'm getting mah eyes fixed. To find out if they could do this they needed to enlarge my pupils:

I'm told that enlarged pupils are sexy. Personally I think I look more like a startled rabbit. Maybe a startled rabbit with some kind of brain injury, since my pupils are different sizes. This is something I've noticed before when in situations of enlarged-pupilness - I know it's one of the things you look for when someone's been whacked on the head to see if they have brain problems, but I've had odd-sized pupils since forever and my brain seems perfectly fine. Except for, you know, one of my ears doesn't work. But yeah, weird.

Also found in the search for another photo of my weird pupils - Dr Science!

And just for lulz, here's an article in which concern is expressed over the lack of accuracy in labelling of content for wine. Of course they won't ban wine because the labels aren't accurate, even though they appear to be lying about the alcohol content which could put people's lives at risk. And the people who make the wine won't be demonised through their lack of stringent standards for testing and labelling, because it's wine! It's cultured and drunk by rich people acceptable, not like those nasty drugs!


Also in that article, down the bottom, have a look at the price of a wine in which "The tannins are gloriously wrapped up within the satin creaminess of its dense but elegant body and it has an extraordinary finish of minutes not seconds." And also something about woodland lushness. What this says to me is that when we're told the world is in recession, austerity is the fashion and we must pull our belts in, there are some people who are not part of 'us', who are free to spend stupid amounts of money on what, to me, would taste like petrol.

And they're allowed to do it legally, without it becoming a big deal if they lie on their labelling. I may resent this just a little.

And since we're being frivolous, my bum is changing shape due to the weights and adagio training, and now my undies are defying gravity. Grr.