July 4th, 2011


In which I am a capitalist

tieke! tieke! I have unitards for you! Two of them! Chocolate brown ones with non-baggy knees! And they fit me *cough* snugly so they'll fit you and everything!

Now that I seem to have the hang of plain ones, for my next trick I want to experiment with two things - creating patterns using different colour fabrics that will still look nice while being stretched in funny ways, and doing the same thing using well-placed holes. I'm a bit nervous about holes because I know tissu works on friction and the last thing anyone needs is their holes migrating and turning their arty and graceful tissu into impromptu burlesque. But one can but try, right?

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The new owner of Mum's house let me off the hook for the weeding so I got to spend time sewing and weaving yesterday. Saturday was all about getting stuff in my hair - sawdust, paint and finishing compound dust to be precise. I don't recommend these things as hair products unless you're going for the Great Unwashed Chic look. Oh, and I lifted heavy things and didn't run over Happy with a wheelbarrow full of stones. You'll thank me later.