July 1st, 2011


Panic over Kronic and other tales

Some of you have probably heard about the recall of Pineapple Express, a brand of Kronic (synthetic pot) that's been found to contain traces of the benzo phenazepam. From what I gather the manufacturers claim they were not aware that this had gone into the product, and sold it to the importer in good faith. Who knows what the truth is? However, Peter Dunne seems to be using this as an opportunity to grandstand his views about how all new products should be regulated and proven to be safe before being offered for sale. And something about cowboys.

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So when Peter Dunne starts talking about cowboys, and about how this wonderful idea he's had about regulating substances and testing them is so revolutionary and great, and how the likes of Matt Bowden are putting people at risk for their own profits, please take it with a grain of salt.

I have some idea who created this situation and who's tried to change it and who's resisted it in favour of more harmful approaches. And yes, Matt Bowden wants to make money, but it's pretty clear he wants to do it without killing people. Can our government say the same thing?

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