June 30th, 2011


Tell me again why I should support the Rugby World Cup?

This is rank. For those who can't be arsed reading the article, it's about a school in New Plymouth (small town Unzud at its best) that has a field next door to one of the stadiums that'll be used for a Rugby World Cup match. Probably not a big match, because it's New Plymouth - however the school had planned to let folks park their cars on the field for $10 a pop during the games, just like they have for games for the last 50 years. Except now under the RWC advertising laws, they've been told that since they're within 500m of the stadium, they aren't allowed to 'jump on the bandwagon and profit'. Only official sponsors and licensees get to profit from the extra people that'll be going through the area.

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And now I've got that off my chest and worked up a good head of steam, I'm off to ring the IRD and tear somebody a new one. Because I'm done with their bullshit too.

[edit] Apparently the school will now be allowed to run its car park. 'Discretion' is allowed within the rules. The cynic in me wonders how this would have gone without the publicity.