June 28th, 2011


In which I throw people around and inspect my navel

Last night while I was lying in bed in my post-adagio happyfuzzyhaze, I realised that when I live in the middle of town I'll be able to go skating again. That is, I'll be able to go skating without it being a drama involving a car/parking or public transport to get to somewhere I can skate.

I used to skate regularly - little known fact, Wellington had a Wednesday Night Skate for a few years - and I drove in from Titahi Bay for it. When I lived in Ngaio I'd skate to work on the nice days. I still have my Salomons and a shiny new set of abec 5s that I never bothered putting in because commute-skating wrecks your bearings and I wanted to save them for rec skating. Watch me faceplant when I change them! Watch me remember that I used to skate stairs and faceplant some more!

But yes, this is only one of a number of Take Back My Life type things that being central will make easier.

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Last night I lifted Taryn, who is 55kgish, onto both shoulders quite easily. We did a couple of crotch-in-face* type counterbalance moves. I came close to managing a headstand-to-handstand press, and did some nifty weight shifting moves from headstand. The last class is next week and I DEFINITELY want to keep it up. Bodyplay is fun and I am made for this stuff!

(and I learned the left-hand lift moves going against my natural flow with the hoop. progress is awesome and i feel achieve-ey)

* I've come to the conclusion that pretty much all adagio involves crotch-in-face at some point.