June 24th, 2011


In which I get a bit ranty about the obvious topic

Yesterday was quite the day for curmudgeonliness it seems. For those who have been living either under a rock or in a country that isn't New Zealand, there was a bit of a hurricane in a thimble when the head of the Employers and Manufacturers Association addressed the gender pay gap (12%ish here) by suggesting that it's because women take more leave:

"'Why do they take the most sick leave? Women do in general. Why? Because once a month they have sick problems, not all of them but some do,'' he said.
''They have children that they have to take leave of therefore their productivity...(it's) not their fault. It may be that they have not got it sorted with their partners where the partners take more responsibility for what happens outside work."

He said this in response to a proposal by the Greens that employers be required to note the gender of employees against their pay statistics, as a potential way of addressing the pay gap.

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Today I'm making an offer on that apartment. Tonight my house will be full of teenagers. In between there will be Fidels. Tomorrow is SlutWalk. Sunday I'm doing Mum's garden for the last time. Gosh, busy weekend.

* NZ's right wing is still more left than much of the US's left wing, but they are running as fast as they can to the right as we speak.