June 23rd, 2011


Epic saga is epic

Except for the bit where it's not really, but it's starting to feel like it might become intergenerational.

"WTF are you talking about Tats?"

Well, if you search my tags for "IRD have the dumb" you can read the story, which spans the entire time my kid has lived with me, includes not one single instance of them getting it right first time, and concludes in March this year with me agreeing that yes I do owe them money but not as much as they think and that I'll pay it when they sort it out.

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Also, since The Kid is 16 I don't think I should call him that any more. I've decided that from here on in he will be referred to as The Youth Of Today. There might be accompanying muttering.

Oh and I'll probably put an offer in on that apartment in the next couple of days.