June 22nd, 2011


Playing my part in security theatre

OK so it's past the solstice. Also, The Kid turned 16 yesterday. Golly. To celebrate, work flew me to Auckland to participate in a forum about steel framing. It was riveting.

See what I did there?

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On Monday I successfully maintained a handstand in the proper position. Nyah. I also learned how to pick someone up and sling them over my shoulder. I figure with a bit of practice it will even be graceful. So now I know I can lift about 60kg to my shoulder reasonably easily and as I get stronger I suspect that figure will increase. One of the joys of being me is that I'm little enough to be the flyer but strong enough to be the base - at least with some people *side-eyes Dr Wheel and Happy* - which means that I get to learn both sides of Adagio. And one of the ladies there is a contortionist, and occasionally we play Bendy Games. I am Not So Bendy Ackshully. Well, I am, but not in the hamstrings/inner thigh area. Shearing has put paid to that. Everything else is super bendy to compensate. Anyway, much rolling around on the floor and giggling ensues.

I like Adagio. I wish I'd started sooner - the combination of balance and strength is exactly what my body wants to do.

I'm having a second look at that apartment today. Gosh.

* My brain does a forced reboot every night and the OS takes a while to become functional when it loads. Too many things running on startup means it crashes.