June 20th, 2011



On Friday I looked at an apartment. On Saturday I looked at four sections. On Sunday I looked at a house. This morning I banged up against the corner of my bed trying to navigate my tiny bedroom in my justwokeup state. This is a weekly occurrence and leaves large ugly bruises on my thighs.

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Meanwhile, someone from Elvington is sending me things about my family history. I contacted them because they have a historical site about the village and it doesn't really mention my family. Meanwhile Dad kept a whole lot of historically relevant stuff and my family had been in the district for 150 years at least, so we started chatting. Now I know a whole lot more than I did about my ancient family history, and she has photos of my uncle in a grass skirt and pasties. Fair swap, I reckon.

OK folks

So, say I bought an apartment in the central city and sold my car.

Positives: I'd save myself about $2000 a year on running costs, plus whatever I'd pay for parking if I kept it. I'd also save the $130 a month I'm currently paying in train fares.

Negatives: I'd have to give up my shearing run, which is worth about $2000 a year to me.
I'd lose my ability to go wherever, whenever with minimum hassle, and help other people by giving them rides places.

If I bought an apartment in the central city and kept my car?

Positives: I'd be able to keep my shearing run and independence.

Negatives: I could add around $200 a month +GST to my expenses.