June 17th, 2011


First frost!

Last night for the first time in the last year, our fire had a Little Engine That Lacks Confidence moment. "I'm not sure I can, I'm not sure I can."

I pride myself on my ability to light fires - a skill I developed when living out at Tinui with an old Stanley stove for the hot water, which was attached to the non-drawiest chimney on the planet. I had to light the fire every day and I got damn good at it, because Stanleys light from the top and as we all know, fires like to burn upwards so there's a knack to getting them to go. I reckon I could show Otto Von Danger a thing or two about how to make his art structures burn effectively. Not that he'd listen to me - I have pink hair and haven't been in the army so what would I know, right?

So yeah. When it's still our chimney doesn't draw until it heats up, and when it's cold there's a blanket of cold air that sits over the top and creates a kind of air pocket, that occasionally attempts to backdraught down the chimney and force smoke out into the room. Combine this with the wood being a bit damp from the last couple of weeks of notsonice weather, and last night's fire was somewhat of a challenge. But I went all Bob the Builder on its arse with the judicious application of tiny tiny sticks, careful movement of the firebox door to create some draw, and a laser-eyed stare*. I more or less terrified it into going, but it was touch and go for a while. I can't remember the last time I failed to establish a fire on the first go, and I'd like to keep that record.

* Yes I know my eyes haven't been lasered yet but I'm good at bluffing. Fake it till you make it, guys.

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This weekend my offspring is off to stay with a friend in Titahi Bay. Next weekend he's having a party for his 16th birthday and I'm expecting about half a dozen teenagers to invade my house and be all teenagery about the place. It is moments like these I envy pombagira's ability to bail for quieter zones - I feel duty bound to stay and be a parent.

Actually I kind of like that The Kid has a social life. I've met most of the people who'll be coming and they're pretty cool and I don't expect any real problems. But it will be noisy, that's guaranteed. *meep*

The lasering went very well too, Damian is happy that it'll be the last session. So, 6 weeks from now I can go back to see Scott and get the final touchups done. Stage 5: complete. I see light at the end of the tunnel. I wonder if my dress will be finished before the scar is? This weekend I plan to make tards not dresses, and I'm weaving a blanket so, you know..
this is the hook

Moar posty posty

Short one this time, brought to you by a combination of *raised eyebrow* at the Aucklandtrains blog post last night about fat people on buses and my amazing penchant for being seated next to giants on planes.

A thought has occurred to me *cue fanfare* - instead of designing public transport seats based on an assumed average weight, why not design seat sizes based on an assumed range of weight? You see, the guy next to me on the plane on Tuesday had a shoulder spread of about one-and-a-half times mine, and mine is probably smaller than the average. Between us, we could have fitted comfortably into the two seats but the arbitrary sizing forced him to overflow into 'my' space and crammed him into an uncomfortable vice. If the armrest/seat combo had been slightly bigger for him and slightly smaller for me, we both would have had enough room.

Yes I'm an idealist, why do you ask?