June 16th, 2011


What do you do with your sense of adventure in winter?

I bought the tickets for my next trip to Hong Kong this morning! This is exciting! This time it will have been 3 and a half months instead of 2 and a half, because of having to save up leave from the last one, and also because some time between now and then we have a Polly going to be a hippy in Canada, and probably/possibly me getting my eyes zapped as well, so there's no room in July for a trip to Hong Kong. But yes! Hong Kong bound again. As you can probably imagine, I'm really looking forward to it.

Yesterday I updated my degree spreadsheet. Yes, I have one of those. Mostly because I knew when I started that I'd be studying so long that I'd forget the requirements before the end, and I wanted to mark progress and figure out my course choices. Anyway, I hadn't looked at it since I picked this year's courses so I had two countem two boxes to change from pink to yellow, and 40 points to add to my total. There are now only four courses to go and I'm done. I know this even though I haven't got the mark for State Crime yet because I got a good enough mark for my essay that I'd already passed the course based on that, so I can safely tick it off.

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So, flist - what do you do to stave off the winter blehs? There is so much combined wisdom over in FlistLand, surely someone has come up with the apple cider vinegar of SAD removal!

This afternoon I am looking at this house. It's the one with the furniture in the photos if you care to take a squiz. I've looked up a few facts about it - the owners want about $55000 over CV for it *yikes*, it's not on the earthquake list, stuff like that. If you care to take a look and provide me with questions to ask/opinions/a slap upside the head and a stern admonition not to be silly, please do.

Mah weaving project is a quarter completed. I don't think it'll be finished in time. ;-/