June 15th, 2011


Handstands and cartwheels - so unbecoming!

In case you were wondering whether I'd been eaten by zombies (OMG Tats didn't post is she dead?), I was actually in Auckland being turned into one by the lackadaisical aircon at the Auckland airport and the riveting topic of frame and truss detailing. It's actually more interesting than you'd think but I have no inner need to prove this. I was there in an advisory role and since my advice wasn't really needed, I struggled to stay awake after lunch, and then I flew home. I read lots of my book on the plane - it's nice to have a block of a whole hour in which I have nothing to do but read.

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Meanwhile, I'm booked on Thursday to get the last of the lasering done on my scar. And next Monday The Kid turns 16. I get to celebrate by getting on a plane to Auckland at 6:30am (thanks work). I hope to be able to at least engage in mutual birthday grunting with him before leaving.