June 10th, 2011



I read sf_drama. Call it a result of my evil mean side and my masochistic side getting together and ganging up on my better judgement. I used read it more often but lately I often just skim on past because it's full of the same stuff day after day and it gets tedious. However there was one this morning that caught my attention - it was about a person whose colleague had said something racist to another colleague, and what the etiquette would be around refusing to work with said person.

Apparently the comment was "Why don't you go back to where you came from?" Which is a really mean thing to say to an immigrant. It's tantamount to "You're not wanted here and it's not just me it's everyone who thinks so." And the person it was said to was described as 'brown'. So yep, racist.

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In other news:

1. Turns out my eyes are suitable topography-wise for laser correction. They want to do a thing called blended vision in which they correct each eye slightly differently, which counteracts the effect of age-related longsightedness (which I don't yet suffer although it's hard to tell being short sighted and all), and makes it possible to age without needing reading glasses by using different eyes as dominant when focusing near or far. Yay! Next step: medical assessment on 6 July.

2. This weekend I'm going to look at an apartment that Dr Wheel found on the internet. It's a whole floor of a building, 160 square metres and in the middle of the city. Any thoughts on the purchasing of large apartments? Especially in terms of heating costs/sustainable renovations/things I don't know because I've never lived in an apartment?