June 8th, 2011

erotically codependent

House hunting (or, why does everyone think we're a couple?)

So yesterday I arranged to go and look at the house we missed seeing on Saturday. On the way there, I managed to collect The Kid and pombagira so it was a full family outing. The house itself was a bit meh - nice if it were bigger, had a different aspect, didn't smell damp... the main bedroom was nice but the others were tiny and it had that multi-level thing going on that can create damp in the lower levels on the Wellington hills.

I had to smile at the real estate agent's "Oh look - Hers and Hers wardrobes!" The wardrobes were indeed very nice (walk in) but, um.. seems a lot of people assume that Polly and I are lesbian life partners*. I'm not sure how they think we produced The Kid, but anyway - we chose not to correct her.

Then we looked at a couple of other houses in the area. The first was definitely damp and dark and had a weird vibe and the most seriously retro-ironic-ugly decor ever. Like, the benchtops in the kitchen were pink and orange fussy formica paisley. I kid you not. Now I'm not totally against pink and orange together, but in my kitchen? Hmm..

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Of course I could just do nothing. Which I have no doubt you're all about to advise me to do.

* We totally creeped The Kid out last night by calling each other 'darling' and 'honey'. Good to know I can still embarrass him.