June 7th, 2011


wot i did on my holiday by tatjna

Dear diary,

This weekend I played in the mud and did weaving and sewing and some painting, and looked at some houses and bought food. This weekend was three days long. It was nice. Love, Tats.

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And I finished Perdido Street Station, had an exam which I waffled but will pass, started a new novel (fantasy this time, Name of the Wind), and got to wear my new home made raincoat to work this morning because it was raining. I AM DRY narny narny.

So you see, diary, every weekend should be a long weekend. Also, diary, why do people talk to their diaries as if they were people? It's not like they're going to answer!

This week's project - make myself some charcoal dehumidifiers. I need coffee/milo tins for this. If you have some you can spare, please let me know.

this post brought to you by the brain-emptying process and a long weekend with no obligations. i kind of like being frivolous and non-committed