June 3rd, 2011


Get a grip! No, the other grip!

Last night I went and hung out with tieke and Happy again. This time we were hanging from tissu. I did some tissu lessons years ago but I found myself frustrated with the group lesson format - I couldn't stay warmed up between goes and felt I wasn't progressing due to lack of up-time, so I stopped. Now, the AHOA comes complete with dangly equipment and we've developed a new economy based in unitards-for-dangling-lessons, and I might make some progress.

The first thing I learned was that there's more than one way to hang onto something. Being a climber, I'm trained to grip things using mainly the tips of my fingers from the second or third joint, like a hook. My fingertips are very strong, hence being able to do pullups off a door frame. Tissu, however, requires the use of friction to maintain your grip, and you have to hold it through the palm - it seems maximising the surface area in contact with the tissu is the go. My years-perfected finger-grip is almost useless for this activity and yes, hilarity did ensue before I figured this out.

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Today, not much hurts except the ends of my fingers where they were getting Ineffective Climber Grip Plus pressure, and some interesting little muscles in my armpits. And my pride. But that'll get over it because *determined*..

Meanwhile, the landlord's getting a valuation done on the house to determine whether or not I'm dreaming, and Polly and I will be going to an open home on Sunday in my local area, for a house with a similar rateable value, just to see what sort of thing's available. See? I do have a sensible sometimes!

This afternoon there is the final test for State Crime. I'm going into it knowing that all I have to do is turn up to pass the course but I want my A, especially after having spent much of this trimester feeling depressed and cynical about the state of the world because of this course. So I've been studying, and consequently dreaming about the environmental impacts of global politics.

I am looking forward to thinking about things other than the horrible things the more powerful do to the less powerful. I might think about ponies.