May 31st, 2011


Gosh, why do I care so much?

I knew I was pushing my luck when I looked at those photos. ;-/

Separation angst follows a pattern, see, and since I'm such a regular journaller I have evidence that demonstrates that the one month point after spending time together is angsty. Sadly it's a bit like PMS in that it sneaks up on you - it starts by going "Hey wouldn't it be fun to look at photos" to lure you in, then whacks you from behind with the realisation of how long it has been since, and how long it'll be until.

On the upside, I nearly have enough money saved for the next lot of plane tickets, it looks like it'll be late August after pombagira gets back from being a hippy in Canada. Also on the upside, I know this is temporary and that *swelling music* Love Conquers All *screech* Uh, well, actually I mean yes I will get over this and hey we'll still love each other. And yet another upside is that we never seem to be moopy about the distance at the same time, so there's a bit of mutual support going on.

Meanwhile, I'll be looking for a lap to crawl into.

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Gosh, I don't think I've ever done that before.

PS I deactivated my Facebook. I don't want or need it and I can't be arsed keeping up with it.